Introducing Zora Labs

Zoracles has evolved from a ZK-oracle project to a development studio that delivered the world’s first financial NFT marketplace. The old name reflects our past and we believe a new brand would signal our new decentralized future with ZoraDAO upcoming and our NFT product being deployed to create a robust ecosystem.

We present Zora Labs as the development & marketing organization committed to developing and supporting products for the NFT ecosystem. Some of the past products delivered by Zora Labs include:

· Zora Credit

· Zora Governance

· ZK-Oracle

· Zoracles dAPP

· NFTSwap

· Unibond —

Moving forward, Zora Labs will exclusively focus on building NFT marketplace technology and developing innovative products such as Unibond. The team believes NFTs represent a paradigm shift in digital assets, and they are committed to further growing a NFT ecosystem that includes marketplaces, collateralized lending and blockchain interoperability.

ZoraDAO will take over key decisions in the project while Zora Labs will streamline its operations into solely development & marketing functions. We look forward to this alliance and believe a fully decentralized NFT marketplace will be the killer app for crypto.

About Zora Labs

We are building a NFT ecosystem that empowers users with the data, tools and capital to be competitive in global decentralized financial markets. The team behind Zora Labs has developed many innovative blockchain products and is committed to delivering NFT products such as the world’s first fNFT marketplace Unibond.

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