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The Zora Way

Zoracles Protocol was designed to provide confidential data to smart contracts. Our foundation has been developing Zk-Snarks to hide inputs from data sources that supply price feed information through Open Oracle.

Superior Product

The most important Zoracles principle is building a superior product. There is a lot of competition in the crypto industry, but we are positioned to gain market share by developing a product that is superior to current offerings. This can derive from an innovative product vision or privacy & anonymity features that aren’t currently offered by oracle networks.

  1. Governance (Zora token)— Decentralized governance is hard. We are building a platform to formalize decision-making and provide transparency to the process of creating Zoracles Improvement Proposals. Our target date for launch is Dec. 31, 2020.
  2. New Product — ( — Coming soon)- With an anticipated launch in Spring 2021, the Zoracles Protocol is excited to introduce our first consumer-facing dApp. Users will have access to free credit scores along with making this data available on-chain. Another benefit of building this infrastructure will be a “Proof of Identity” algorithm that will validate individuals for lending use cases.

Meaningful Adoption

Building a great product is great, but is it only half of our vision. Each product needs users and we plan to aggressively pursue adoption by putting our products in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

High-Impact Marketing

In the tech industry, marketing is often an afterthought. After all, a great product should sell itself. While we agree with building superior products, unless you have a first-mover advantage, we believe some efforts and resources should be allocated to marketing.


A week ago, we kicked off our first hackathon and the results were excellent. The focus was designing a splashpage would accompany a back-end infrastructure that is currently being developed. Think Twilio for “decentralized identity.”

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Zoracles Plus

A recent development scheduled for late 2021 is a protocol extension we are calling Zoracles Plus. We can’t provide much information due to its early stage of development and competitive intelligence advantages we hope to perserve.

About Zoracles

Zoracles partners with DeFi projects using zero-knowledge proofs to provide confidential data to smart contracts. Their end-to-end solution entails VRFs to provide additional security measures for their “Snarks as a Service.”