Pillars Of A Protocol

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The Zora Way

Superior Product

  1. Price Feed (Open Oracle) https://data.zoracles.com- We launched this project with the mission of providing confidential data to smart contracts. Through current and future partnerships, we intend to deliver. Our “Snarks as a Service” is currently being piloted with dApps that are interested in upgrading Open Oracle with ZKPs (zero-knowledge proofs).
  2. Governance (Zora token)— https://gov.zoracles.com- Decentralized governance is hard. We are building a platform to formalize decision-making and provide transparency to the process of creating Zoracles Improvement Proposals. Our target date for launch is Dec. 31, 2020.
  3. New Product — (Zora.cc — Coming soon)- With an anticipated launch in Spring 2021, the Zoracles Protocol is excited to introduce our first consumer-facing dApp. Users will have access to free credit scores along with making this data available on-chain. Another benefit of building this infrastructure will be a “Proof of Identity” algorithm that will validate individuals for lending use cases.

Meaningful Adoption

High-Impact Marketing


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Zoracles Plus

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